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SDK Release License (Publication License Agreement)

SDK Release License
(Publication License Agreement)

License agreement required for business entities publishing a content using Live2D SDK.
Individuals and Small-Scale Enterprises are exempted from the license and payment (except Expandable Application).

License only required upon releasing your content.
Not during trial or development.

When considering the development of content using Live2D’s SDK, we believe it is important for users to first verify the SDK before making a decision. Therefore, Live2D provides the Cubism SDK at no initial cost, subject to agreement with the Live2D Proprietary Software License Agreement and the Live2D Open Software License Agreement. You can download it for free and start verification and development immediately. However, when users are ready to release content created using the Cubism SDK, it is necessary to enter into an SDK Release License Agreement (officially known as the Publication License Agreement) and make the required payment. Individuals and small-scale businesses are exempt from the license agreement and payment (excluding Expandable Application).

Create assets

Create assets

Create models and animation files using Cubism Editor.

Required product
Live2D CubismEditor

About Cubism Editor


Develop with SDK

Develop with SDK

Render the assets in a dev environment using Cubism SDK.

Required product
Live2D CubismSDK

About Cubism SDK

Release content

Release content

License agreement must to be completed at least one month prior to the release.

Required license
SDK Release License

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Find the right License Plan for your content

License Plan required for your content is determined based on your content type, business model, target platforms & regions, as well as the size of your business entity. Use the flowchart below to find out.
* If none of the Plans applies to your content, please contact us.
*If your content will not be distributed directly to end users, but sold to other individuals or companies (BtoBtoX), please contact us separately, as such plans differ from those listed below.