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Download AfterEffects Plugin

Download AfterEffects Plugin

This plugin allows you to display Cubism models and handle motions directly in Adobe® After Effects® software.You can load Cubism model files and motion files that were created in the timeline into Adobe After Effects.

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  • Windows ONLY

No need for image sequences. Model data and motion data can be loaded directly.

No need for image sequences

Version with confirmed stability.

For experimenting new features.

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Important notes

A Live2D Cubism PRO License is required in order to use the Cubism AE Plugin. Install Cubism Editor on the terminal you will use, and perform license authentication from Cubism Editor.
Note: Live2D Cubism PRO can also be used during the 42-day trial period.

See the link below for the methods of installing Cubism Editor and authenticating the license.

See the Cubism Editor license authentication method

For the detailed operating methods of the Cubism AE Plugin, see the manual.

See the Cubism AE Plugin operating methods