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Live2D Cubism SDK

Live2D Cubism SDK

Render engaging 2D visuals on various platforms, real-time.


Supports various development environments

Live2D Cubism SDK is a software development kit for rendering models and animations created with Cubism Editor on applications. The SDK for Unity supports Unity’s standard animation tools (Mecanim), offering a high level of versatility.

Development resources

Live2D GitHub

Live2D GitHub

Get the latest Cubism SDKs. Feel free to send us pull requests!

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Manual & Tutorial

Manual & Tutorial

For the basic of using Cubism SDK in detail. Aimed for users of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

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Live2D Dev Team Twitter

Live2D Dev Team Twitter(X)

Live2D Dev Team shares the latest news, behind the scenes, and chit-chats (Japanese).

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Cubism SDK Workshop

Cubism SDK Workshop

Want to try the SDK and create an application with Live2D assets?

He held an online workshop to introduce Cubism SDK and demonstrate how to render models created with Cubism Editor.

Read report articles (Japanese)

Watch the video (Japanese)

License terms for Cubism SDK

At Live2D Inc., we allow our users to download our SDK with no initial cost and start development right away. It is only when the users are ready to publish their content, they will need to enter into the Publication License Agreement and pay the applicable license fee. Individuals and Small-Scale Enterprises are exempted from the license and payment (except Expandable Application).

Learn more about SDK Release License

Live2D Cubism SDK
for Unity

This SDK is configured using Unity standard components and will be highly familiar to Unity developers. It will easily become a natural part of the development process.

Windows macOS Linux Android iOS WebGL HarmonyOS
Support status
  • * For a comparison of Cubism SDK for Unity and Cubism SDK for Native, see Comparison of Cubism SDKs.
  • * For consumer applications using Cubism SDK for Unity, refer to the Cubism SDK for Consumer Apps section.
  • * HarmonyOS NEXT builds and operation require “Tuanjie”, the Chinese version of Unity. In addition, making builds for it outside of China requires “DevEco Studio”.

Live2D Cubism SDK
for Native

This SDK is implemented in C++ and features high portability to a wide range of architecture.
A variety of renderers are supported by sample implementation, and by changing parts of the SDK code, the developer can operate the SDK even on a platform that is not currently supported.

Windows macOS Linux Android iOS
DirectX 9.0c
DirectX 11

Live2D Cubism SDK
for Web

This SDK is implemented in WebGL. Because it supports the major web browsers, it can operate in a wide range of environments. The source code is written in TypeScript, and can be used from JavaScript by transpiling it.

Windows macOS Linux Android iOS
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

Live2D Cubism SDK
for Java

It is an SDK implemented in Java. Android applications can be developed without knowledge of C/C++, and the performance is not significantly inferior to the SDK for Native. Java is also compatible with Kotlin, the official language for Android application development, and this SDK can be called from the Kotlin side.

minSdkVersion maxSdkVersion
Android OS Supported Version Android 5.0(API 21) Android 14.0(API 34)
  • * targetSdkVersion is API 34.

Live2D Cubism SDK
for Cocos Creator

This SDK is configured using Cocos Creator standard components and will be highly familiar to Cocos Creator developers. It will easily become a natural part of the development process.

Cocos Creator compatible version v3.7.0 or later
  • * v2 is not supported

Live2D Cubism SDK for Console Platforms

Cubism SDK for Console Platforms is provided to registered developers only. If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form.

  • PlayStation
  • Switch
PlayStation®4 PlayStation®5 Nintendo Switch™
Cubism Core
Cubism Native Framework
Cubism Native Samples
Cubism Unity Components
  • * “PlayStation”, “PlayStation”, “PlayStation4” “PlayStation5” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
  • * The Nintendo Switch logo and Nintendo Switch are trademarks of Nintendo.

Inquire about SDK for Console Platforms

Live2D Cubism SDK
MotionSync Plugin

This is a plugin for Cubism SDK utilizing the settings of motion sync exported using Cubism Editor to perform real-time motion sync within the Cubism SDK.

Cubism SDK for Unity Cubism SDK for Native Cubism SDK for Web Cubism SDK for Java Cubism SDK for Cocos Creator
MotionSync Plugin