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Lala Seriously

Lala Seriously

"All characters,
All emotional motions are newly created,
There is no same movement as one. ''

by Wright Flyer Studios

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Wright Flyer Studios

Wright Flyer Studios' TechArt and Animation Team is an in-game animation specialist. A smartphone app that has been on the rise for six months since its release in this team of former animators and designers who have worked on super-large titles. “Lara Maji” (Click here for the official website) Asked about the secret story of development as a motion designer and its appeal. (Interview by Live2D Inc. | July 28, 2017)

"Lara Maji"

-Playing with you, sound and magic school RPG

Wright Flyer Studios joins anime production studio A-1 Pictures
An overwhelming dramatic RPG with a powerful tag!

Set in the instrumental group of girls on the verge of abandonment
Aim for the best music by saving them, fostering bonds.
The adventures and youths of many worlds are now beginning ...

Planning / Draft / Development: Wright Flyer Studios
Original: A-1 Pictures
Character design: Haruko Iizuka
Composition / Main Scenario: Satoshi Nishimura
Sound: Kenji Ito

— Congratulations on this July 25th *, half a year after the release. (* Interview will be on July 28, 2017)

Thank you! Lala Maji is a gorgeous game with a lot of girls, but the main story is very deeply created and it makes you feel very emotional with “laughing, tearing, throbbing”.

It is possible to make a game that is balanced overall, featuring one character for each chapter, deepening deeply, incorporating a battle as an action game, and progressing the main story of `` approaching a mystery '' each time it is repeated And I think you are. I feel that this half year has been reached as users like each one of them.

— Can you tell me a little more about the highlights of the game?

More than 30 cute characters designed by Haruko Iizuka (* 1) are accompanied by the voices of talented voice actors and acting, and the expressions and gestures of the characters that synchronize with them are Live2D. Added.

I hope that you will experience "RaRa Maji", which is a harmony of these elements.

Also, I would like you to see the high quality of dress illustrations (* card illustrations in common social games) where characters are drawn. Not only the cuteness of the characters, but also the background and lighting are made, and there is a sense of realism as if a frame of a date scene was cut out with a photo.

Character: Nanami Yuki

I wanted to realize the dream that the delicate and gorgeous characters of Mr. Haruko Iizuka, drawn with particular attention to each line, will be loved by moving the charm that is unique to two dimensions.

— Certainly, the dress illustrations that you can get are finished with pictures that match the character of the situation and you want to keep watching.

Well, you can discover a variety of images, scenarios, episodes, and individual characters by looking at dress illustrations, so you will surely find your favorite character from a wide range of characters. Of course we make it so that the whole game can be enjoyed, but I think that it is a game that can be satisfied just by loving the characters.

There is also a refreshing feeling in the battle, and if you meet the conditions, the tension of the cast's songs (* 2) will be greatly increased even if you play by yourself!

* Haruko Iizuka: Active as an animator and character designer. Anime “Tamayura” “Little Busters!” Etc.

* Cast's song: Rara Maji's opening theme song "Future Symphony". On sale on August 9th (Wednesday) at each distribution service.

— Why did you introduce Live2D?

As I mentioned a little earlier, all the characters of Rara Maji were designed by animator Haruko Iizuka and the original Live2D picture was produced by A-1 Pictures, an animation production company. The charm is a big cucumber of the game.

In the market, high-quality 3D models are becoming increasingly common in the game. However, in order to convey directly the attractive character design directly, it was decided to adopt the policy of using the original image as it is in the game instead of 3D. In 2D, we wanted to create a character presence that would not be inferior to 3D games with the original picture. Because I wanted to realize the dream that the delicate and gorgeous characters of Mr. Haruko Iizuka, drawn with particular attention to each line, will be loved by moving the charm only by 2D. .

In addition, as I mentioned at the beginning, the story written by the main writer Satoshi Nishimura is also very powerful, so the goal is to break through the interactive system of adventure games and evolve into a video game was. Live2D was the technology that could meet those requirements.

I also considered other 2D animation tools, but Live2D was good at giving a three-dimensional feeling to a two-dimensional picture and having a presence, and it was also possible to make a play full of variations by combining motion and facial expressions. .

Introducing Live2D

In addition, it was good that there were many functions to give life to the character and make it lively, such as blinking, lip sync, and expression of shaking by physics. Lala Seriously has not yet utilized, but there is a future that can be dynamically controlled such as facing the tapped direction, so if you use these functions you feel that you can make what you are aiming for and adopted it It was.

There is no other technology that can give such a rich movement from a single picture while still retaining the original charm of the picture.

The motions of all characters and all emotions are newly created, and there is no same movement as one, and we always make fine facial expression changes.

— As a motion designer, what are some of the things you are particular about in adding movement?

I'm paying attention to various places, but I'm careful about arm movements and wrist snaps so that cute characters look soft. For example, it is a feeling that the arm moves slightly behind the shoulder movement, and the wrist comes further behind. In order to prevent the movement from appearing monotonous, the body is crushed and stretched to give it a rhythm. That kind of movement is careful not to make the balance of the center of gravity unnatural in the movement. Think about the whole movement in your head based on past animator experience, and put it into the movement of Live2D, and add a slow movement that matches the character of the character to the extent that it does not break the world view of the work I am devised to.

Commitment to movement

— What do you like about using Live2D

The greatest merit for Raraji was that it was possible to give a vivid movement to the 2D picture without compromising the attractiveness of 2D.

When you change the angle of the face or bend the joints, the point of being able to deform and lie in the two-dimensional unique way, it embodies the commitment to two-dimensional as a unique culture not in 3D I think it is a thing. Also, in terms of cost performance that can be created from one original picture, I think that it matches the concept of game development that assumes operation and mass production.

— Are there any issues you felt when using Live2D?

At first, we made one model with at most about 8000 polygons, but since the policy was changed to make it less than 4000 polygons so that it could be displayed more smoothly on the actual device from the middle, I did the work of searching for and deleting polygons that are not related to deformation. It was a tough job, but we have also devised various ways under the surface of the water so that users can play a little comfortably. It was a painstaking task, so it would be nice to have a function that can identify polygons that are not related to movement. If there is something that automatically cuts off, that is really helpful.

— Lala Maji has more than 30 fascinating characters, but each person appears to move differently with the same emotion

Yes, that's right. For each character, there are detailed settings such as personality, hobbies, special skills, family composition, etc., and based on the storyboard produced by the original A-1 Pictures, etc. Some produce motion. For this reason, of course, all character and emotional motions are created, and there is no same movement as one, and we always make fine facial expression changes. I would be happy if you could pay attention to these differences in the game.

— Do you have any characteristic movements of the character or anything you want to see?

I want everyone to see ...! ! To be honest, there are some characters that are slightly different from other characters. It ’s easy, but let me tell you in turn.

Character: Haruna Shiraishi

She wears a knitted sweater, but she doesn't wear it tightly, she wears it like an arm, so the structure in Live2D is very different from other characters. The

Although it was difficult to set the movement of the sweater to expand and contract, or to coordinate the movement of the arm and the sweater, I worked on Live2D with a focus on "How to cook!" Since it was a moving character, there is a feeling that I want you to watch it carefully.

Appearance character: Anna Tachibana

Her movement was the most fun I made.
It ’s a prince-like character, but I ’ve moved my arms bigger than other characters to make it feel like it was, and it ’s an exaggerated performance. In order to study the movement, I used to play Takarazuka's video and so on during the production for reference.

Character: Kanae Sezawa

From the viewpoint of rich expression, Kanae Sezawa cannot be removed. The brightness of the smile is also Pikaichi, but on the other hand, the suspicious face is a character with a wide range of emotional expression, such as a large shadow falling on the face. It has an energetic and simple personality, so when you look at it, it will be very relaxing. I think that it has become a role like a mood maker in Rara.

— There are parts that are made with care for each character.

The rest can be said to all the characters, but I think that it is difficult to make a natural movement by simple movement. I would be happy if you could see the small movements that would cause you to breathe casually and shake your body.

In addition, I am very careful about the physical calculation of hair and chest movements according to each movement. Since everyone is a student, we pursued a modest, real, natural and lonely movement so as not to get too excited. While finely adjusting the values little by little according to the character's settings, we swung one character at a time in the conference room and approved the various places! Please pay attention to this as well.

— Please tell us about the future development of Lala-Maji.

In the future, Rara Maji will be exhibiting at Comic Market 92, which will be held from August 11, 2017 (Friday) to August 13, 2017 (Sunday). Originally drawn, we are planning to sell original goods such as Seriously Summer 2017 set and long posters that all members of the instrument club can decorate at once, and distribution of novelty.

Not only that, we will also have a hands-on experience of “Odekake”, a new feature that will be implemented in the game at a later date, with members of the instrument club.

"Outing" function

“Odekake” is a function that allows you to enjoy the feeling you've actually played with your favorite characters from the instrument club, and take pictures with your character.

When you experience “Odekake” at Comic Market 92, you can print out the photos you took on the spot and present them!

In addition, we will give you a sticker if you post your impressions on SNS with “# LaLa Maji” attached to the experience meeting, so please come to Lala Maji Booth (Corporate Booth West 4th Floor No.4332).

* “Odekake” is a function under development, so the contents introduced during implementation may be changed.

The game will continue to be enhanced with the main story, events and cards, so please expect it!

- Thank you for today!

Thank you very much!

Play "Lara Maji" made with attention to detail right away!

★ Notice of present campaign ★ (※ Application deadline. 8/16 added)

[Lara Maji Original Goods Gift]
In commemoration of the interview article publication, we will present original original goods from a lottery!

Present contents: Lala Maji Long poster (released at Comic Market 92)

Lala Maji Long Poster

step 1:
Follow Live2D official account (@Live2D) on Twitter.
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Step 2:
Retweet the campaign tweets posted by the Live2D official account on Wednesday, August 10, 2017.

* If you are already following Live2D official account, you can apply only in STEP2.
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Complete application in 2 steps! !
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Number of winners: 1 person by lottery

Application deadline: Retweeted the tweets by 23:59 on Sunday, August 13, 2017

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Winning announcement:
A strict lottery will be held and the winner will be contacted via Twitter's direct message from the Live2D official account. Winning will be replaced by direct message winning contact.

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・ If you do not accept Twitter direct mail, you will not be able to contact the winner and will not be eligible.
・ Applications for this campaign are limited to those residing in Japan. Please note.
・ If there is no reply within one week for the direct message that informs you of the winning, the winning will be invalidated.
・ The winning rights cannot be transferred to a third party or exchanged for cash.

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