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Downloads – 2D Editing Program

Download Live2D Cubism and related tools.
You can download Cubism Editor, Cubism SDK, Cubism Viewer for Unity, sample data, AE Plugin, and Photoshop scripts for free.

Live2D Cubism

Downloading Cubism Editor

The PRO version trial can be used for a limited 42-day period. After 42 days, it automatically changes to the FREE version. If you would like to continue using the PRO version, please purchase a license.

Download Cubism Editor

Cubism SDK

Downloading Cubism SDK

Developers who want to release a game or app should read the Release License carefully before downloading Cubism SDK. Be aware that a license agreement will be necessary when the game or app is released.

Download Cubism SDK

Cubism Viewer for Unity

Downloading Cubism Viewer for Unity

This software is intended for Unity developers. Be sure to read the Free Material License Agreement before downloading.

Download Cubism Viewer for Unity

Sample Collection

Downloading sample data

This is a collection of official Live2D sample data. Play around and learn how the pros make their models. When using the sample data, consent to a Free Material License Agreement and individual character terms of use is required.

Download Sample Data

AE Plugin

Downloading the AE Plugin

This plugin enables models and motion data that were created with Live2D Cubism Editor to be used directly in Adobe After Effects. Be sure to read the Software License Agreement before downloading.

Download the AE Plugin

Photoshop Scripts

Downloading the Photoshop scripts

Two types of scripts are provided to help with creating PSDs for import. These are very convenient scripts and their use is highly recommended.

Download the Photoshop Scripts