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Feature comparison

General PRO FREE

Use for commercial and commercial purposes

Use of the FREE version for commercial and commercial purposes is limited to general users and small businesses (annual sales of less than 10 million yen).
Use of the FREE version by non-general users and non-small businesses is allowed only for the following purposes and uses.
[Purpose of use] Non-profit or supervised purpose
[Output file use] Internal or non-commercial use or supervision purpose

Data compatibility between PRO and FREE

Data compatibility is supported, and data created with the PRO version can be opened with the FREE version. When saving data in the FREE version, it is necessary to edit the data so that it is within the function restrictions.

modeling PRO FREE

Number of textures that can be used for one model

An image in which the parts that make up a character are arranged on a plane. This image is required to export a model for incorporation into the SDK.

No limit 2048px up to 1

Number of usable art meshes

PSD images imported into Modeler are automatically assigned meshes for each layer and placed on the canvas. Each of these is “Art Mesh”.
* Basically, the number of layers in the PSD is equal to the number of art meshes.

No limit Up to 100

Limiting the number of parameters

Parameters are settings for expressing a specific movement, such as [Angle X] [Mouth Open / Close]. Motion can be expressed by combining each created parameter with Animator.

No limit Up to 30

Number of deformers

The number of “Deformers” that can be used to transform and move the vertices of Art Mesh.
* This count applies to the combination of “warp deformer” and “rotary deformer”.

No limit Up to 50

Number of parts

The unit of the group divided by the character's components (eyes, nose, etc.) is called "parts". It is convenient to display / hide, lock, select, etc. for each part. Each is a folder and can be nested and managed in multiple layers.
* Number of parts = Number of folders

No limit Up to 30

Art pass 4.0 New features

Added objects suitable for animating line expressions, such as contour lines and clothing wrinkles. Supports deformation by parameters, allowing more free expression while preserving the texture of the original lines.

No limit Up to 3

Number of warp deformer divisions

By increasing the number of warp deformer transformations, it is possible to reproduce delicate movements along the deformer shape.

Up to 100x100 Up to 9x9

Texture relocation

You can rearrange objects placed in the texture atlas. Proper placement can reduce the number of texture atlases and reduce the amount of embedded data.

Shape blending function

It is a function that can be transformed into a shape that mixes the shape of the base and the shape of the current object.

Align the parameter structure of the selected object

Unify the parameter structure of the selected object (curve, image, coordinate system).
* For example, when applied to objects A and B with different parameter configurations, the parameters of A and B have the same configuration.

Delete deformer and reflect parameters to child elements

Deletes the selected deformer and reflects the parameters of the deleted deformer in the child element.

Resize model

Change the model size on Modeler.
This is useful when the model is sticking out of the canvas.

Drawing order group

This is a function that sets the drawing order to the part itself, and temporarily sets the objects in the drawing order to be the same as the parent group.
By doing this, you can make the part itself behave like a single layer.

No limit Up to 2

Multi view

Multiple views can be displayed in any arrangement.
Within the view area, tabs can be moved and added / deleted.

Preset function for automatic mesh generation

The values of the six setting items that can be set in the [Automatic mesh generation] dialog can be saved as a preset.

No limit Cannot add presets

Save snapshot as background

Snapshot is a convenient function that can be used as a measure of deformation when creating a key form.

Lock default form

Locks the default key form so that it cannot be edited. For example, you can prevent mistakes such as accidentally changing the key form of the original picture.

Repeat function

This function connects the right and left edges of the parameter to create a loop and repeat the movement.

No limit Up to 2

solo display

This function allows you to immediately display and edit the selected object alone.

Focus selected object

The selected object appears in the center of the view.

Continuous creation of warp deformers

You can continue to create deformers without closing the dialog.

Continuous rotation deformer creation

You can continue to create deformers without closing the dialog.

Copy and paste mesh


Validate deformer child object

You can verify that the child deformers and art mesh vertices do not protrude from the parent warp deformer.

No limit Limited deformer verification dialog

CSV export / import of ID and name

The names and IDs of all objects such as model art meshes, deformers, parts, and parameters are exported as CSV files.
Open the exported file with Excel or a text editor, edit it, and then import it again to apply the changes in a batch.

Extended interpolation 4.0 New features

Ellipse interpolation and SNS interpolation can be selected in addition to the conventional parameter interpolation method (linear interpolation).
Shrinkage can be prevented by directly expressing the art of mesh deformation.

No limit The number of parameters is limited to 30

Invert mask 4.0 New features

Creates a mask that cuts out the effect of clipping.

Onion skin β 4.0 New features

This is a function to check consecutive drawing results at the same time by displaying the front and back states as translucent.
In Modeler, the trajectory is displayed as a line and can be visualized.

No limit Orbit display limited
animation PRO FREE

Form animation 4.0 New features

You can edit the shape of the model directly on the timeline without adjusting the movement in Modeler.
Fine adjustments can be made only with Animator according to the animation you want to move.

All objects Art mesh only

Top shot 4.0 New features

You can set 2 frames and 3 frames on the timeline to reproduce the sharp movements like a limited animation.

No limit 3 frames only

Serial number image track 4.0 New features

This is a function that batch arranges images exported with sequential numbers on a dedicated track.
You can use the time remapping function to adjust the timing for displaying the arranged sequential images on the graph editor.

Still image serial number export

The animation is output as a still number.

No limit Maximum size:

GIF animation export

The animation is output as a GIF animation. You can set fps and loop.

No limit Maximum size:

Export video

The animation is output as a movie (MP4, MOV).

Up to 9.4 megapixels
macOS only Maximum size:
Maximum size:
+ Logo display recommended

Video export (AAC audio codec, Twitter compatible)

Video can be exported in “MP4 (OpenH264 + AAC)” or “MOV (PNG + AAC)” format.

No limit Beep sound