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(Updated 23/04/2019)

Live2D Cubism AE Plugin
Live2D Cubism AE Plugin

A plug-in that can display Cubism models and handle motion directly in Adobe After Effects.
Cubism model files and motion files created on the timeline can be imported into After Effects.
Keyframes adjusted on the After Effects timeline can also be exported as Cubism motion data.

No need to output still image sequence number for each edit

Still image sequence number

Load model data and motion data as they are

Data read

In addition, you can edit the motion of the model directly on the AE, so there is no need to use the video or sequential still image output with the Cubism Editor. As a result, when you make corrections, there is no rework like going back to the Cubism Editor and you can edit smoothly.

Software License Agreement

This application is subject to the Live2D Cubism Editor license agreement.
Be sure to download and start Software Software License Agreement Please read.
At the time of download or activation, it is assumed that you have agreed to the license agreement.


Cubism 4 AE Plugin, Live2D Cubism PRO license is required.
On your terminal Cubism Editor to install, Cubism Editor please go to license authentication on.
* Available during the 42-day Live2D Cubism PRO trial period.

Please refer to the following for how to install and activate Cubism Editor.

Please refer to the manual for details on how to operate the Cubism 4 AE Plugin.