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Live2D Publication License Agreement for the Expandable Application

What is "the Expandable Application"?

“the Expandable Application” means any work having significant expandability, which is made with Live2D SDK. In particular, it includes the Derivative Work which uses and generates any indefinite numbers of models by adding or combining files or data (e.g. avatar), or, the Derivative Work containing multiple or other works in one title, or accessible to such works through one title (e.g. collection of relevant works or portal). In order to release the Expandable Applications, “Live2D Publication License Agreement for the Expandable Application”, which is different from usual Publication License Agreement , shall be separately executed between the customer and Live2D Inc.

How to apply for the license

Fill out the form in this link to apply. Our staff is contacting you after confirmation.

Application form for " Publication License Agreement for the Expandable Application"

The list of approved the Expandable Applications.

Title Publisher Link
3tenePro+Live2D 株式会社プラスプラス Product page
FaceRig Holotech Studios Product page
Visual Novel Maker Degica Product page
ラノゲツクールMV Degica Product page
nijisanji ichikara Inc. Product page
GadgetXLive2D Ganeesya Product page(Enty)
Product page(Fantia)
Live2D Drawer for Aviutl Ganeesya Product page(一般公開版:Enty)
Product page(一般公開版:Fantia)
Product page(Full版:Enty)
Product page(Full版:Fantia)