Give Life to 2D


Live2D Production Studio

As the inventor of Live2D, being the best users of our own software is crucial for improving the tool and serving our clients. We have a dedicated studio team to meet various needs of our clients, ranging from producing Live2D contents to giving hands-on lectures. Whether it's content production or workflow design, feel free to contact us.

Below is a step-by-step example of how our studio team can help you.

  1. Give us a shout!

    Interested in giving life to 2D?

  2. Consultation

    Share your ideas and see how we can help your project.

  3. Proposition

    We propose a service tailored to your project.

  4. Agreement

    Mutual agreement on terms and conditions, and we're set to go.

  5. Production

    We start producing your Live2D content.

  6. Embed

    We help embed and run your Live2D content on given platforms.

  7. Complete!

    Enjoy seeing your character. alive.