Give Life to 2D

For the new era of computer graphics


Since the foundation in 2006, we have devoted virtually all of our resources to development of Live2D, our proprietary graphics technology.

Live2D has evolved continuously to express the kind of fully dynamic animation which is believed to be only achievable with 3DCG but in 2D. It is aimed to provide artists with an ultimate tool to “draw as they wish to draw and animate it as they imagine”.

I have a deep affection for drawing myself and dreamed of directly animating my drawn characters. 3DCG is one way to realize the dream, but the process and results are more of physical sculpture rather than animation of a drawn character.

Much of the essence of 2D art-forms like manga, animation, and illustration is achieved through free artistic expressions on a flat surface without being restricted by consistency with its three-dimensional physical representation. Such artistic expressions would be compromised or warped when forcibly transformed into 3D. Live2D is aimed to become a versatile graphics technology for animating such expressions only achievable with 2D and through an approach completely different from 3DCG.

“Draw as you wish to draw and animate it as you imagine”.

Our mission is to advance development of Live2D, through joy and hardship, to truly achieve this vision and open the new area of computer graphics software and spread that niche globally.

Tetsuya Nakajo
Live2D Inc.