Give Life to 2D

Our aim with Live2D

- Message from the Live2D team on public release of Cubism and its Academic and FREE Editions -

There are two things we aim with Live2D.

The first is to give the world an ultimate tool for those who love to draw and animate their drawing in anywhere,
be it in movie or game development, and for those who appreciate the authenticity of such art form. We aim to do
this by taking an approach completely different from 3DCG.

The second is to blaze a trail in the new area of computer graphics software and spread that niche globally. And
our trail consequently will show itself as a shining example for future generations.

We have blindly taken these two aims since the very beginning. Although the aims sometimes felt overwhelmingly
ambitious for a team of some ten people, we have moved forwarded one step at a time.

Introduction of Cubism series (Editor & SDK) marked an meaningful milestone as the series has now powered over
100 titles and grown to become our major product. And we are now offering the series at pricing options more accessible
to those in need, including the free version. This decision did not come easy, but it naturally prevailed before our aims.

Live2D will accelerate its development for the next couple of years to evolve into the ultimate tool for creative minds.
It may not come with impeccable hospitable support along the way but with our strong devotion to make this happen.

Your input and involvement are crucial.

Thank you.

October 2013
Live2D Team