Give Life to 2D

NEWS RELEASE, January 8th, 2014

Live2D Cubism released globally

Standard of 2D modeling. Now available to all 2D artists and 2D loving developers worldwide.


Tokyo, Japan, January 8th, 2014 - Cybernoids, the inventor of Live2D, today announced the worldwide release of Live2D Cubism, a set of graphic technologies and tools that allows artists to create animations and interactive contents with the original 2D art.

Over 100 commercial titles. Setting a standard of 2D modeling.

Since the first introduction in 2010, Live2D Cubism has powered over 100 commercial titles in games, apps and movies mainly in Japan and has created a new category in the computer graphics industry. The worldwide release accompanies the English version of Cubism Editor and Cubism SDK, which are to be followed by a series of support materials like online tutorials, video sessions, and knowledge-sharing communities.

Creative tool for all 2D artists

Cubism Editor is made for all 2D artists in the digital era. A drawing directly becomes an interactive model with every detail of the original art preserved. Cubism Editor comes in PRO and FREE. Cubism Editor PRO, the full fledged 2D modeling/animation tool is available with a free 30-day trial and at a significantly reduced price for teachers and students. There is also a free leasing program for academic institutions. Cubism Editor FREE is available for free to everyone with all the basic functions.

Game development with interactive 2D models

Cubism SDK is a middleware that allows game/app developers to run interactive 2D models realtime on various platforms, including major mobile OS (iOS, Android), gaming consoles (PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo 3DS), and game engines (Unity, Cocos2d-x). While the SDKs for gaming consoles are limited to businesses, fee-free license is available to non-profit indie developers for mobile and web platforms as well as Unity.