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NEWS RELEASE, September 19th, 2014

Live2D announces support for WebGL

Supporting HTML5 + WebGL + Live2D for cross-platform browser app development


See WebGL + Live2D sample app
(WebGL compatible browser required)

Tokyo, Japan, September 18th, 2014 - Live2D Inc. today announces that we will release Live2D Cubism SDK for WebGL in November 2014. Being compatible with WebGL, the SDK enables Live2D interactive graphics to be rendered realtime in web browser on major mobile OS like iOS8 and Android.

Booming need for HTML5 + WebGL + Live2D

To provide interactive graphic contents like games and apps on mobile platforms, developers had long had to develop a dedicated native app which then requires users to download and install. However, WebGL, the new web standard, enables such interactive graphics to run fast and smooth on mobile web browser. This new technology is rapidly gaining popularity among developers since not only does it allow the install-less usability, but also allow bypassing app store and the associated margin and regulations. iOS8, just released on September 17 2014, is compatible with WebGL, and this will accelerate the development of cross-platform browser-based applications in the industry.

Introduction of Live2D Cubism SDK for WebGL is aimed to support developers wanting to integrate Live2D graphics in their cross-platform browser-friendly games and apps.