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NEWS RELEASE, December 20th, 2013

The full release of Live2D Cubism SDK for Unity

Fully integratable in Unity, Live2D contents now ready for cross-platform development
and for the Unity ecosystem. Fee-free license available to non-profit indie developers. [1]


Tokyo, Japan, December 20th, 2013 - Cybernoids, the inventor of Live2D, today announced the full release of Live2D Cubism SDK for Unity, a software development kit that allows creators to integrate Live2D models into Unity, edit it with other 3D assets, and publish apps across various gaming platforms. The SDK had been available exclusively to selected business partners, but it is now fully released to all game developers and for fee-free to indie creators, students and schools. (terms and conditions apply) [1]

[1] Fee-free license of Live2D Cubism SDK is available for qualified non-profit publishing by qualified non-profit parties (individuals, students, non-business groups) under specific terms and conditions. See details here:

Truly 2D in the 3D space

Live2D Cubism is a set of graphic technologies and tools that allows artists to create animations and interactive contents while staying true to the original 2D art. Since the first introduction in 2010, it has powered over 100 commercial titles in games, apps and movies and has created a new category in the computer graphics industry. The SDK for Unity opens up a new chapter for Live2D Cubism, as it allows game developers to bring the real 2D contents into the 3D environment of Unity and take advantage of the real-time functions, such as subtle 2D expressions, interactive motions, auto lip-sync, and NUI control (e.g. Kinect).


”Create Live2D Canvas” menu generates a transparent plane with LAppModel.cs on which a Live2D model is drawn real-time.

Implemented in C# - Supports all Unity-compatible platforms

Live2D Cubism SDK for Unity is implemented in C#, a programming language supported by Unity. This allows a seamless integration and compatibility in Unity and on all platforms which Unity supports.

Live2D in the largest ecosystem and market

With the powerful development environment, plentiful collection in the Asset Store, and knowledge-sharing communities, Unity is widely used for development for various gaming platforms such as Wii U, PS3, and Xbox360. Unity today forms the largest game development ecosystem with 500K monthly active developers and 2M registered developers worldwide. The full release of Live2D Cubism SDK for Unity grants Live2D Cubism, its users, and 2D art an access to the largest game development ecosystem and associating markets.

Live2D will continue to accelerate its development with the aim of giving the world an ultimate tool for those who love to draw and animate their drawing in anywhere, be it in movie or game development, and for those who appreciate the authenticity of such art form.

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