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INFORMATION, March 26th, 2018

FaceRig Studio now supports Live2D Cubism!

Allowing for a wider commercial use of Live2D avatars in FaceRig.

Using Live2D avatars in FaceRig for certain commercial purposes may have required a special license arrangement with Holotech Studios SRL and Live2D Inc.

On March 20th, Holotech Studios SRL released "FaceRig Studio with Live2D" series which allows users to use Live2D avatars in FaceRig Studio for a wide range of commercial uses, depending on the user’s revenue size and application. Using Live2D avatars in FaceRig commercially is now easier than ever.

Please refer to the following table to find out which license is required for you and your application:

Product Price
(As of 2018/3/23)
License Type Seat Eligibility Usage Available at
1. FacceRig Classic
 (+Live2D Module)
¥1,878 Perpetual 1 Individual For non-commercial or with ad-based revenue less than US$500 on video-sharing service (i.e. YouTube, Twitch)  STEAM
2. FaceRig Pro
 (+Live2D Module)
¥8,458  Perpetual 1 Individual With ad-based revenue US$500 or more from video-sharing service (i.e. YouTube, Twitch) STEAM
3. FaceRig Studio
 - Personal with Live2D
¥65,567 Perpetual 1 Individual, non-profit, or business with annual revenue less than US$500K For commercial or non-commercial non sub-contracted self use. STEAM
FaceRig Store
4. FaceRig Studio
 - (B2B) with Live2D
¥417,393  Perpetual 4 Business with annual revenue of US$500K or more. For commercial or non-commercial. FaceRig Store
5. FaceRig Studio
 - Booth with Live2D
¥544,707 Perpetual 1 By individual, non-profit, or business of any size. For use in a public booth to be operated by the public at large, in malls, museums etc. FaceRig Store

FaceRig Store

FaceRig STEAM Page

This page briefly explains the "FaceRig Studio with Live2D" series for Live2D users. For purchasing, terms & conditions, please visit FaceRig website, FaceRig EULA page, as well as FaceRig Studio EULA page.

If you have any questions regarding FaceRig Studio with Live2D or other FaceRig products, please visit FaceRig STEAM Community or inquire directly to Holotech Studios SRL. For using and publishing a content by directly using Live2D SDK products, please refer to our SDK Release License terms.