Give Life to 2D

NEWS RELEASE, December 24th, 2014

Live2D announces development of Live2D Euclid

Omni-directional 2D CG technology that animates illustrations 360° realtime

Tokyo, Japan, December 24th, 2014 - Live2D Inc. today announces development of Live2D Euclid, the next generation of its proprietary Live2D technology with 360° Omni-directional capabilities.

True 2D graphics. 360° realtime expression

Live2D Cubism, the current generation of Live2D technology, allows artists to create a model from single character illustration drawn from a given angle to animate within the range of 30~40° sideways. Live2D Euclid eliminates the range limitation by seamlessly integrating multiple illustrations drawn from various angles while each of which being deformed independently. A Live2D Euclid model can be rendered realtime in a 3D space, supporting not only modern CG animation but also interactive game development. It may further support game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine as well as virtual reality platforms like Oculus Rift. This fundamental and versatile technology will bring rich 2D content across various genres and media dominant today.

Supports Live2D/3D hybrid modeling

Live2D Euclid supports modeling with 2D and 3D elements. It can take advantage of existing 3D assets & techniques to enjoy the dynamics of 3D with the look of true 2D graphics. The character shown in the demo video (shown above) is made with Live2D Euclid for the head and 3D for the body. Live2D Inc. plans to support third party 3D modeling softwares such as Autodesk 3ds MAX in the future.

Calling for partners

At Live2D Inc., we have completed the initial R&D phase of the technology with 3 patents granted for its key areas. We are currently developing a software to be used by animation studios and game developers. In the meantime, we are calling for partners in both R&D and creative projects in addition to a couple of collaborative projects already underway.

“Draw as you wish to draw and animate it as you imagine”

Since the inception in 2006, Live2D technology has continuously evolved to achieve the kind of dynamic expression, believed to be only achievable with the approach of 3D digital sculpting, but rather with the approach of directly animating what’s drawn by 2D artists and provide the tool that truely empowers them. Live2D Euclid marks a big leap forward, but we believe that we can only achieve our goal through challenges and inspirations graced by creators around the world.