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[ NEWS RELEASE ] December 21th, 2018

Live2D Cubism 3 updated to version 3.3! Armesh can now be reflected, and Warp Deformer has improved.

Live2D Cubism Version Up!!


Big update from version 3.2.07 to 3.3

Live2D Cubism 3 has been updated from 3.2.07 to 3.3! This article highlights some of the improvements.

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Reflect copy Artmesh

You can now reflect-copy Artmesh with motion! You can flip Artmesh after you finish working on one side and apply the result to the other side. By instantly creating symmetrical movements, production efficiency can be greatly improved.


Improved Warp Deformer

Ver 3.3 eliminates the distortion that previously occurred to certain types of deformation. By performing smooth deformation, you can express movement such as rotation much more beautifully.


Powerful filter for Parts pallet

You can now easily find objects inside Parts palette by typing letters. Being able to find objects quickly will significantly lowers your stress.


Search and replace objects

You can now search objects containing specific words from dialog. You can edit found objects at once, which saves you from cumbersome process.


CSV import / export of model data

You can now import and export names, IDs, and parameters in CSV format. It allows you to re-name and change configuration of multiple objects in a batch on text editor. You can even refer names and configuration from another data and apply to your target file.


Support AAC audio format for Twitter

Version 3.3 supports AAC audio format for exporting videos. This means that sounds can be played properly when posting videos on Twitter.

* In the FREE version, the beep sound is included in the sound.


Improved Mac version

We have made some improvements for the Mac version.

We have fixed the problem in which the Mac version becomes extremely slow for some Mac users. If you are a Mac user and still finds issues please, report to the community.



In addition, some features, which used to be available on Cubism 2.1 but not on Cubism 3, have returned with Cubsim 3.3!


Other additions and improvements

There are more additional functions and improvements. For details, please see the Live2D Cubism update history.

 Live2D Cubism Update History 


Cubism SDK update

Along with this update, all Cubism SDKs are updated to support version 3.3.

Important notice regarding Cubism 3.3 update

The update to Cubism Editor 3.3 includes improvement of Warp Deformer. This will affect output moc3 file, and therefore SDK, Core as well.

It means that .moc3 file can be made with different configurations. If you load a .moc 3 file (made with ver 3.3) to a project with older SDK (Core), return value from csmReviveMocInPlace will be NULL.

There could be a case where .moc3 file cannot be loaded even though both model file and SDK are fine, because of this version difference.



Cubism SDK for Native 9

Cubism SDK for Native

Cubism SDK for Native is updates to beta9! It supports Cubism 3.3 and a new high-definition clipping method, optimized for video production.

  Cubism SDK for Native Download 


Cubism SDK for Web beta 4

Cubism SDK for Web

SDK for Web updated to beta 4! It supports Cubism 3.3 and IE 11. Along with previous updates, Cubism SDK for Web is now compatible with all major browsers.

  Cubism SDK for Web Download 


Cubism SDK for Unity R10

Cubism SDK for Unity

SDK for Unity updated to R10! With this update, the SDK supports Cubism 3.3 and Unity 2018.3, allowing developers to take advantage of the latest version of Unity.

  Cubism SDK for Unity Download 


Important notice regarding Unity 2018.3

A project using Cubism SDK for Unity that was created or opened with Unity 2018.3 can not be loaded properly in Unity 2018.2.

Please read this for Unity2018.3




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