Give Life to 2D

NEWS RELEASE, January 22nd, 2014

Live2D Cubism SDK for 3DS for Nintendo 3DS is released

Compatibility to the standard development platform allows Live2D contents to take advantage of the hardware.

Tokyo, Japan, December 20th, 2013 - Cybernoids, the inventor of Live2D, today released Live2D Cubism SDK for 3DS, a software development kit that allows game developers to integrate Live2D contents made with Live2D Cubism Editor into Nintendo 3DS™ games.

Taking advantage of the hardware with the standard development platform

Live2D Cubism SDK for 3DS is comprised of runtime libraries compatible with the official hardware development kit and development platform with proprietary VisualStudio plug-ins, allowing Live2D contents to be integrated in Nintendo 3DS games and expressed in the dual screen hardware.

The release of Live2D Cubism SDK for 3DS supports Live2D creators with game development for the globally popular and growing gaming platform.

[Note] Nintendo 3DS is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.