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[ Message ] January 14th, 2016

Cubism Editor PRO for Indie will be officially released.

〜 Pricing after the promotion campaign 〜

Since December 24th 2015, we have been running a limited-time 80% discount for Cubism Editor PRO for indie creators (individuals & Small Businesses*[1]). This campaign reflects our sincere intention to make our software to be used by as many people as possible, and three weeks into the campaign, the amount of creative activities throughout the world are reaching beyond our imagination.

We have learned that by making a price reasonable enough for individuals, a professional tool like Cubism Editor PRO can reach a much wider audience. At the same time, we asked ourselves whether it is a right decision to stall the momentum after the campaign ends on January 31st and have explored our options. After internal discussions, we have concluded that we will indeed end the campaign on January 31st as scheduled. However, we will introduce a new price for Cubism Editor PRO for Indie at $255 starting February 1st.

After the campaign started, our users community is rapidly expanding particularly among individual creators. We will accelerate development of our software as well as support materials for our users.

We always appreciate your warm support.
Thank you so much.

Live2D Inc.

*[1]“Small Business” means an entity with the annual gross revenue under ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year.