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[ Message ] December 28th, 2015

Dear indie creators who purchased Cubism Editor PRO license before our advance notice

〜 About Cubism Editor 3 PRO free upgrade program 〜

On December 24th, we set a new price category of Cubism Editor PRO specifically for indie creators (individuals & Small Businesses*[1]).

Since April 2014, we have provided indie creators with Cubism Editor FREE for free. During this time, we have also received a number of requests from indie creators in need of Cubism Editor PRO who find the price too expensive to afford. It is indeed our intention to make our software to be used by as many people as possible. So we came to a conclusion that we would announce another price category of Cubism Editor PRO to make it more affordable for personal users and Small Businesses*[1] after a few weeks of advance notice. While we ran several promotional campaigns for Cubism Editor PRO, this is the first time that we set a new price category specifically for indie creators.

However, it needs to be avoided that those indie users, who purchased the Cubism Editor 2 PRO license before the advance notice, feel unfair about the reduced price. Therefore, we have decided that we are going to offer free upgrade to Cubism Editor 3 PRO to those indie creators who purchased a license for Cubism Editor 2 PRO before this promotional campaign. Fee and date of the upgrade are yet to be announced. So the free upgrade may not meet everyone’s satisfaction, but we strongly hope that those users would become the first ones to experience Cubism Editor 3 PRO.

We continue to make every purchase satisfactory and Live2D community more enthusiastic.
We always appreciate your warm support.
Thank you so much.

Live2D Inc.

(NOTE: The upgrade program ended on December 31st, 2017)

*[1]“Small Business” means an entity with the annual gross revenue under ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year.