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NEWS RELEASE, December 24th, 2015

* Notice(January 14th, 2016): Pricing after the promotion campaign
* Notice(December 28th, 2015): for indie creators who purchased Cubism Editor PRO license before our advance notice

Live2D Cubism Editor PRO goes on limited-time 80% discount for indie creators.

$1,200 >> $240. Larger businesses also receive 30% discount. Until Jan 31st, 2016

〜 Accompanied with enhanced functionality for smoother deformation 〜

Tokyo, Japan, December 24th, 2015 - Live2D Inc. today started a promotional campaign to offer Live2D Cubism Editor PRO, its software for professional creators, at 80% off the original price to indie creators (individuals & Small Businesses*[1]) and 30% off the original price to other larger businesses. This campaign lasts until Jan 31st, 2016. The license purchased during this campaign will continue to be valid after owner’s annual revenue exceeds that of Small Businesses.


*[1]“Small Business” means an entity with the annual gross revenue under ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year.

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Smoother deformation with enhanced functionality

Accompanied with this campaign, the software’s basic function, Curve Deformer is now enhanced with its maximum number of divisions increased from 9x9 to 100x100. This enhanced functionality would exclusively be available for Cubism Editor PRO but will be available with Cubism Editor FREE until the end of this campaign.

See Cubism 2.1 special page for details