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Live2D Cubism 3 will be released on April 19th

On April 19th 2017, Live2D Inc. will release Live2D Cubism 3, the most advanced version of Live2D Cubism which has powered over 200 commercial titles worldwide. To mark this announcement, we have opened a web page to introduce the product.

After Aprill 19th, Live2D Cubism 3 will be ready to download via this web page.

What’s new for Live2D Cubism 3.

1. Quality

Live2D Cubism 3 comes with improved tools, such as Artmesh with adjustable polygon density for smoothness and Deformers with greater controls for effective deformation. Newly introduced features includes Glue for creating joints for bone-like animation and 5 animation curves for producing natural and realistic animation. Whether animating a character dynamically or subtly, you can animate your character as freely as your imagination allows.

2. Efficiency

In Cubism 3, you can model a character, set up motions, and preview resulting animation all in one integrated workspace without having to switch applications. This greatly increase your productivity as it allows you to easily optimize a model for animation and vice-versa. New UI allows customization of workspace by docking/undocking.

3. New licensing model

Cubism 3 PRO license will be available in a form of subscription (*with exceptions). With this licensing model, you can start as low as JPY 1,190 / month for Annual Plan. There will also be a combination license package for Live2D Cubism 3 PRO and Live2D Euclid 1.
*Live2D Cubism 3 will be available in three types: Live2D Cubism 3 FREE, Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for indie, and Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for business.
*Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for indie, and Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for business are not different in functionality.

Live2D Cubism 3 is scheduled for several updates annually with new features and improvements.