Give Life to 2D


Live2D Cubism 3 and Live2D Euclid 1 has been officially released and the licenses has been on sale.

Users can try all the function of both softwares for free on trial mode.
The trial mode lasts 42 days on Cubism 3 and lasts 90 days on Euclid 1.


On April 26th 2017 (Japan time), Live2D Inc. officially released Live2D Cubism 3, the most advanced version of Live2D Cubism which has powered over 200 commercial titles worldwide, and Live2D Euclid 1, the first software in the world to create omni-directional 2D model keeping original impression of 2D art in 3D space. Both softwares can be downloaded from each product page. Also, on both of them, users can try all the functions for free in trial mode.

Live2D Cubism 3 Product page
Live2D Euclid 1 Product page

Live2D Cubism 3 - with 42 days free trial of PRO version. FREE version will be soon released.

With completely updated UI/UX and newly introduced features including Glue, Cubism 3 enables not only existing users but also new comers to efficiently model with ease. In addition, users can try all the functions for free in trial mode as soon as download. There is no restriction of the trial against users who have already tried the trial mode in older product such as Cubism 2. The trial mode lasts 42 days. Also, FREE version of Cubism 3 will be released soon.

Live2D Euclid 1 - with 90 days free trial of PRO version.

Live2D Euclid 1 is the world’s first software of its kind that directly renders draw characters in 3D space. As same as Cubism 3, Euclid 1 can be run as trial mode. Therefore soon after download, users can try all of functions of PRO version to experience features 3D softwares never have. The trial mode of Euclid becomes available after downloading a free software called Euclid launcher and user- registration on it. The trial mode lasts 90 days.

New and handy licensing model

The Licenses of PRO version of Cubism 3 and Euclid 1 has been on sale in a form of subscription simultaneously with the release. Personal users can start as low as JPY 1,190 / month for Annual Plan for Cubism 3 PRO, JPY 1,580 / month for Annual Plan for Euclid 1 PRO. Also, A combination license package for Cubism 3 PRO and Euclid 1 PRO, which is JPY 1,980 / month for Annual Plan is provided.