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NEWS RELEASE, December 28th, 2012

Live2D Cubism is updated with Windows8 compatibility

Cybernoids and Microsoft Japan jointly exhibit at Comic Market 83 to showcase a Live2D-powered Windows8 app featuring Claudia, Microsoft Japan's official character.

Tokyo, Japan, December 28, 2012 - Cybernoids Co.,Ltd. today announced an update of Live2D Cubism with Windows8 compatibility. To demonstrate the compatibility, Cybernoids and Microsoft Japan will jointly exhibit at Comic Market 83 to showcase a first Live2D-powered Windows8 app featuring "Claudia", Microsoft Japan's official character.

Microsoft Windows8 Claudia

Compatibility with Windows8 will extend to Windows Phone8.

Since the beta introduction in 2010, Live2D Cubism has powered more than 40 titles in games and apps, including two apps which hit number 1 in iTunes App Store. Live2D has powered titles in various platforms including major mobile OS (iOS and Android) and gaming consoles (PlayStaion Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS). And Cybernoids has completed with Windows8 compatibility. The company is planning to take a further step to extend the compatibility with Windows Phone8.

Claudia RSS

Cybernoids developed the first Live2D-powered Windows8 app, "Claudia RSS". The app features "Claudia", who is the Microsoft Japan's official character, and in the app, she is fully touch-enabled interactive while showing RSS feeds. Cybernoids and Microsoft Japan will jointly exhibit at Comic Market 83 to showcase the app. The app will be distributed through Windows Store

For this app, Cybernoids developed an middleware SDK for Windows8, and the company's studio team built the fully interactive Live2D model of Claudia and integrate it into the app.

Comment from Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

"Combining the Live2D's highly expressive rendering engine and Claudia, our official character for Windows Azure cloud service, this application provides touch-optimized user experience, which I hope visitors will enjoy. We will deepen our collaborative relationship with Cybernoids in this field to provide greater selection of Windows8 apps." said Mr. Kazunori Hirano, Executive Officer and Head of Cloud Strategy & Evangelism, Developer & Platform.