Give Life to 2D

NEWS RELEASE, July 7th, 2014

Company Name Change

Tokyo, Japan, July 7th, 2014 - Live2D Inc. has changed its name from Cybernoids Co., Ltd. as of May 12th, 2014. Live2D logo has also been changed to coincide with the name change.

New company name and logo

Registered company name: Live2D Inc.


Consolidated brand of Live2D

Since the foundation in 2006, we have taken sole aim with Live2D technology to “give the world an ultimate tool for those who love to draw and animate their drawing and for those who appreciate the authenticity of such art form”. The company will adopt the name of the proprietary technology. This move consolidates the company’s brand into a single cohesive global presence under the name Live2D.

At Live2D Inc., we will accelerate the development of the technology to evolve into the ultimate tool for creative minds.