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Our licensing model will change.

Perpetual license for Live2D Cubism will be discontinued as we will transition to subscription license.

Live2D Inc. will release Live2D Cubism 3 this spring. After the release of this update, Cubism 3 will only available through subscription (with exceptions), and the current one-time fee perpetual license will no longer be available. There will also be Live2D Pack PRO, a combination package for Live2D Cubism 3 and Live2D Euclid 1, after Live2D Euclid 1 is released. Details of which will be announced later.
(Information about change of release license fee for contents using Live2D SDK is here)

New license model:


Product name


Monthly Plan

Annual Plan (Annual contract)
Year 1 / Year 2 / Year 3 and after
(amount per month)
Live2D Cubism 3 Pro for indie JPY 2,080 JPY 1,190 / JPY 980JPY / 890JPY
Live2D Cubism 3 Pro for business
JPY 9,620 JPY 5,500 / JPY 4,980 / JPY 4,580

* “indie” means an individual or an entity with the annual gross revenue under ten million (10,000,000) JPY for the most recent fiscal year.
* “business” means all other entities that do not fall under the “indie” category mentioned above.
* Contract period of the Annual plan is annually and cannot be cancelled during this period.
* No volume discount will be available

Four benefits of the Subscription license.

1. Easy to start

With the growing demand from creators who are interested in Live2D but not quite ready to commit to a big investment, we are introducing the subscription license. With this license model, you can start as low as JPY 2,080 / mo for Monthly Plan or JPY 1,190 / mo for Annual Plan.

2. Price gets lower down to 890/mo.

Discount will be applied to the Annual Plan after the second year of subscription. Monthly payment can be as low as JPY 890 / mo (*) after the third year.
* Price for the indie license. JPY 4,580 / mo for the business license.

3. Adopt flexibly to your staffing change.

The new subscription license is a great way to adopt changes in staff size, particularly for business users. With the Monthly Plan, you can easily add specific numbers of license, for specific periods of time, for specific projects. You can manage your license seats from an administrator account, and new license key will be sent to each user via e – mail.

4. Stay up to date all the time.

Cubism 3 is a big leap forward from the current version and will continue to evolve. With the subscription license, you will be able to access the latest releases at any given moment.

Offerings for current holders of Live2D Cubism Editor 2 PRO license.

Date of your purchase Offering

1. 2016/5/2~
With free upgrade to Live2D Cubism 3.

You can choose either of following two options:
– Free upgrade to Live2D 3 PRO (Perpetual license)
* Perpetual license will not be offered for Cubism 4 and after.

Equivalent amount will be deducted from the subscription license. (e.g. Free for the first X month of subscription)

2. 2015/12/24~2016/5/1


Coupou worth 40% of your purchased amount.


3. 2014/9/2~2015/12/23
Prior to introduction of Live2D Cubism Editor 2 PRO for indie.

for indie for business
Live2D Cubism 3 PRO for indie Perpetual license or Subscription free for the first X month. Coupon worth 40% of your purchased amount.

Details of the offerings will be sent to your emails.