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NEWS RELEASE, April 23rd, 2019

Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin beta 5 released.

Users can now import & export motion files between Live2D Cubism 3 and Adobe® After Effects®.

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Live2D Inc. released Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin beta 5, an extension which allows users to handle files (models and motions) made with Live2D Cubism 3 on Adobe After Effects.

About Live2D Cubism AE Plugin

With Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin, users can import Live2D Cubism files to Adobe After Effects. This will greatly contribute to productivity by eliminating the need for going back and forth between the two softwares and associated work.

Download Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin

New addition with beta 5

LThis update will add a powerful new feature,import & export Live2D Cubism 3 motion files on Adobe After Effects.


For users to try out the plugin, we are distributing a free sample project.

Download sample AE project


Using Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin beta 5 requires a valid Cubism 3 PRO license.

*Live2D Cubism PRO free trial period will also cover the use of Live2D Cubism 3 AE Plugin.

Learn more about Live2D Cubism

Download Live2D Cubism for free

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