Give Life to 2D

2006 ● The company founded as Cybernoids Co., Ltd.
● Live2D was designated as the Exploratory Software Project (Mitoh project) by the IPA Japan.
2007 ● Nakajo was designated as the Supercreator by the IPA, Japan.
2008 ● Live2D Vector was announced and released in beta.
2009 ● The company won the VentureNow business contest.
● Live2D Vector was officially released.
2010 ● The company won Grand-Prix at the Nakano Digital Contents Business Plan Contest.
● The company won Judge Special Recognition Award at the Tokyo Contents Market.
● Live2D Cubism was released in beta and supported iOS, Android, and PSP.
● First iOS app using Live2D “Barcode KANOJO” was released from Cybird.
2011 ● First PSP game using Live2D “ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai portable” was released from BANDAI NAMCO
2012 ● Live2D Cubism beta supported Unity, PS3, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Windows 8.

● The company moved its office to Yotsuya Shinjuku Tokyo.
2013 ● Live2D Cubism was officially released.
● Raised capital.
● The company won Grad-Prix at CMT Award supported by CMT 2012.
● The company contributed in the e-publishing of PEPITA: TAKEHIKO INOUE MEETS GAUDÍ.
2014 ● Live2D Cubism was released worldwide.
● Live2D Cubism became free for indie creators.
● Live2D Creators Conference “alive” was held for the first time.
● The company changed the name from Cybernoids Co., Ltd. to Live2D Inc.
● Live2D Cubism 2 was officially released.
● Development of Live2D Euclid was announced.
2015 ● Live2D Cubism 2.1 was officially released.
● COLOPL, Inc. made an equity participation in Live2D Inc.
● Live2D technology was showcased at SIGGRAPH ASIA.
● The company moved its office to Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
2016 ● Live2D Cubism Editor PRO for Indie was officially released.
● Live2D Cubism Editor became available in four languages.
2017 ● Live2D Cubism 3 was officially released.
● Live2D Euclid was officially released.
● Original short “The Lamp Man” won the Grand-Prix at The 16th Independent Animation Festival.
2018 ● Aniplex Inc. and Live2D Inc. entered into a business and capital alliance.
● Animated feature film project was launched.