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Cubism 3 PRO/FREE Comparison Chart

Purchase PRO License

General PRO FREE
Commercial purpose usage ✓*
Use by commercial companies  
Data compatibility b/w PRO & FREE

* Only Individual User or Small Business may use FREE version for commercial purposes.

Modeling PRO FREE
Max number of Texture files per model Unlimited 1 (up to 2048px)
Max number of Artmesh Unlimited up to 100
Max number of Motion Parameters Unlimited up to 30
Max number of Deformers Unlimited up to 50
Max number of Parts Unlimited up to 30
Max number of Warp Deformer divisions up to 100x100 up to 9x9
Repositioning within a Texture file
Blend shape  
Sort parameter structure of selected objects  
Parameters of deleted Deformer baked to child objects  
Resize model  
Draw order group up to 2
Muti view  
Preset auto mesh-mapping Can't add new preset
Save snapshot as a guide image  
Lock default form  
Repeat up to 2
Solo view  
Focus on selected object  
Repeat creation of Warp Deformers  
Repeat creation of Rotation Deformers  
Copy & paste of mesh  
Auto-detect objects outside parent Deformer boundary
except listing
CSV export / import for IDs & names  
Animation PRO FREE
Output image sequence 1280x720
Output GIF animation files 1280x720
Output video 1280x720
+ show logo
Output video (with AAC codec - Twitter compatible) with beep sound
Import/Export PRO FREE
Export Cubism2.1 model files  
Consumer game consoles