Give Life to 2D

Cubism Editor 2 PRO/FREE Comparison Chart (Previous ver.)

Cubism 3 PRO/FREE Comparison

General PRO FREE
Commercial purpose usage ✓*
Use by commercial companies  
Data compatibility b/w PRO & FREE

* Only Individual User or Small Business may use FREE version for commercial purposes.

Modeling PRO FREE
Max# of Texture files per model Unlimited 1 (up to 2048px)
Switch Texture files
Max# of Drawable Objects Unlimited up to 100
Max# of Motion Parameters Unlimited up to 30
Max# of Deformers Unlimited up to 50
Max# of Parts Unlimited up to 30
Repositioning within a Texture file  
Deform path
Blend shape  
Synthesize corners
Output model data (.moc) for embedding
Animation PRO FREE
Key-frame animation
Synchronize Motion Parameters with the Modeler
Auto Lip-sync
Output motion data (.mtn) for embedding
Output movies (Mac only)* Unlimited* up to 1280 x 720px
+ logo*
Output image sequence
Output GIF animation files Unlimited up to 1280 x 720px
+ logo
Animator templates
Curve editor

* Outputting movies is only available with 32bit version of Animator due to QuickTime support limitations. (Mac only)
* Outputting movies is not available for Windows as QuickTime is not recommended due to the vulnerability issue.

Quick view using Viewer
Facial expression settings
Physics computation settings
Pose settings
SDK (embedding libraries) PRO FREE
Physics computation (hair, etc)
Switch pose
iOS / Android / Flash / DirectX
Consumer game consoles  
Workflow PRO FREE
Usage status
Resize model  
Output an image file
Avatar-related functions