Give Life to 2D

Cubism Editor 2.0

Live2D is more fun and intuitive than ever.

Cubism Editor 2.0 is a major update of the Cubism series with 46 new features and improvements. While maintaining the professional quality and freedom which Live2D is known for, the updated tool has become much more powerful and intuitive for designers as it automates majority of the initial setup work which would normally take as long as 5 days per character with the previous version, now only takes about 30 minutes. Experience how fun it is now to model and animate with Live2D.
As always, if you are an individual user or a small business (annual rev less than 10 mil.JPY), FREE version of Cubism Editor is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

.PSD file import

With Cubism Editor 2.0, you can start modeling right after you finish your illustration on Photoshop. Once your illustration is ready in .psd format, load the .psd file in Modeler tool, and the tool automatically perform breaking up objects, laying out in a texture file, mapping out polygons, and re-positioning objects.

Auto-modeling with Template

Once your character is ready for modeling, try new Auto-modeling with Template. Apply a pre-modeled template to your character, and the deformation of the template model is imprinted on your character, and your character is now modeled to have the same range of motions and expressions as the template model. You can further edit your character manually for fine adjustments even after the template is applied.

Reflect Tool

Reflecting parts is one of the top-requested features. With Reflect Tool, you can copy and reflect parts with all objects and deformation contained in each part. This makes manual modeling much faster particularly for parts that are symmetrical (e.g. eye, eye-brow, ear, arm, side hair).

Powerful Deformer

Live2D’s powerful deformer has evolved to become even more powerful. You can now copy & paste, set transparency, and enlarge/shrink an entire deformer with everything contained in it. This gives you a greater level of freedom in editing and adds a whole new dimension to character expressions.

Support for After Effects

Live2D model can now be exported to Adobe After Effects. Parameters you make in the Modeler tool will be directly loaded and controllable on After Effects. Integrate your Live2D model into the composite and take advantage of the abundant tools and effects that After Effects has to offer. Download AE plugin now.

Enhanced FREE version

In addition to the new features of Cubism Editor 2.0, its FREE version benefits even more. FREE version is now able to export image sequence, which gives you more options for video editing. It also caters to graphics quality by increasing the number of maximum deformers from 30 to 50 and texture resolution from 1024 pixel to 2048 pixel.

Cubism SDK 2.0

App development for everyone

Cubism SDK 2.0 opens the door to interactive application development for designers and non-programmers. After you draw and animate your character, take one step further and see what you can make using your Live2D model.

Cubism SDK is available for free to individual users and small businesses (annual rev less than 10 mil.JPY) for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

More openness for developers

Cubism SDK 2.0 is fully compatible with OpenGL ES2. It support development with OpenGL libraries as well as cross-platform development with Cocos2d-x and other game engines that support OpenGL. Also a part of Cubism SDK is open-sourced to make customization easier for developers.

Greater support for Unity

With Cubism SDK 2.0, working with Unity is easier than ever. It support Unity’s Edit Mode in which your Live2D model is rendered real-time as you edit. You no longer need to run your project each time to see what has been updated. Cubism SDK continues to support Unity Free.

App templates for designers

The introduction of Cubism SDK 2.0 comes with a series of sample projects for easy app development for designers and non-programmers. All you need to do is replace existing models in the samples with your own and you can make Android Live Wallpaper, Flash app, lip-sync app, etc.

Let’s start today! (for free, of course)

Tons of learning materials are ready for users at all levels.

[ Live2D for beginners ]

“Let’s try” is a series of quick and hands-on tutorials requiring no pre-knowledge about Live2D. (English coming soon…)

[ Let’s make interactive apps! ]

Live Wallpaper on Android

Bring your character into life in your Android phone! You simply need to replace a Live2D model in the sample with your own. Of course, you can share it on Google Play Store. (English coming soon…)

Flash app on your Desktop

Always have your character in your sight! A sample app project for developing a Flash app that you can launch on your Windows and Mac desktop. Again, you just have to replace a Live2D model in the sample with your own. (English coming soon…)

[ Make your character move with Cubism 2.0 and win goodies! ] (Contest ended.)