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Message for creators

Marking its 4th time this year, Live2D Creative Awards is an international competition aimed to challenge and expand the limit of the 2D art form.

In the past years, a countless number of creators participated with great works. And it is our greatest pleasure that the competition opened doors to bright future for some of the past winners, such as being head-hunted by corporations, launching start-ups, or becoming Live2D instructors at educational institutions.

This year, we aim to contribute to participants even more. We have doubled the amount of cash prize and will announce the winners during our much-anticipated annual conference in December to maximize publicity among the industry professionals and media. We have also introduced new categories to encourage those who are new to Live2D.

This year has seen a major update for Live2D Cubism and Live2D Euclid. We are extremely excited to see how creators will animate their art as well as their future.

Live2D Creative Awards Team (2017/08/25)

[ Watch winning works of past years ]
Year 2014
Year 2015
Year 2016

How to Enter

1. Create work using Live2D
  (Cubism or Euclid)

Live2D Cubismを使って動画を制作

2. Upload your video to YouTube


3. Submit an entry form!


Awards and Prize

¥200,000 + Trophy + Wacom Cintiq 13"HD + CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX

¥100,000 + Trophy + CGWORLD 1yr Subscription + CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
¥100,000 + Trophy + Wacom Intuos Pro + CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
¥30,000 + CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX + Live2D Cubism 3 PRO (1yr)

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Amazon gift card ¥10,000 + CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT


Entry Period:

August 25th (Fri) - November 20th (Mon) 2017 - 23:59 Japan Time

Award Announcement:

Awards to be announced at Live2D Creative Conference "alive 2017" on December 4th (Mon) in Tokyo.

Call for Entry:

Create work using Live2D Cubism* or Live2D Euclid, upload to YouTube, and fill out an entry form with the video URL.
* You can use any version of Cubism, FREE, or PRO.

Categories of Entry:

1. Movie: Original movie containing a visual element created with Live2D.
2. Animated illustration: Original illustration animated with Live2DA.
3. Interactive: Any video or capture video demonstrating an original interactive content (game, app, signage, etc) made with Live2D SDK*.
* Use of Live2D can be partial. You are welcome to integrate it with other visual elements. See judging criteria.
* Refer to User Support page for using and learning Live2D.


- Indie creators of all age and all nations are welcome
 (Creative professionals are deemed “indie” as long the work is made as an un-comissioned non-commercial hobby project.)

- You may participate as a group
- You may register multiple videos, or your works from the past

(Not eligible if the work is:)
- created by a business entity,
- created by a commissioned individual(s), or
- created for a commercial purpose (except for content minimally charged by indies)*
* “minimally charged by indies” refers to a situation where an indie creator charges or receives minimum amount of compensation for expenses incurred for making the content. To this extent, indie content (e.g. app, video, etc) containing advertisement is eligible.

Judging Criteria:

- Work communicates the characteristic and potential of Live2D
- Work features attractive 2D graphics
- Work is excellent in overall quality
Your presence or absence at "alive" ceremony does not affect the judging.

Feel free to ask us any questions!
Live2D Community:
Staff Twitter: @nishina_l2d


Masaki Sato

CMO of f4samurai in charge of marketing, live-ops, and quality management for various projects including Magireco as a producer. Session speaker at 'alive 2017'.

Takasumi Kaneko

株式会社イクリエ クリエイティブ本部 映像制作部所属。Live2Dを使用したPVの制作でディレクションを担当。主なタイトルとして「シャドウバース第5弾PV」「A3!街頭ヴィジョン」「ロードオブヴァーミリオン4 キャラクターPV」など。


イラスト・マンガ・アニメ制作ツール「CLIP STUDIO PAINT」、Webサービス「CLIP STUDIO」を通じたクリエイターの創作活動をサポートするサービスを提供。

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KLab Inc.

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