Give Life to 2D

Live2D Creative Award 2014

How to Enter

1. Create a video using Live2D Cubism


2. Upload your video to YouTube
(or send a .zip file)


3. Submit an entry form!


Awards and Prize

Grand-Prix (1)

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

\100,000 cash
\100,000 cash

Creative Award (up to 2)

CGWORLD Annual Subscription
CGWORLD Annual Subscription

\50,000 cash
\50,000 cash

Crypton Future Media Award (up to 2)


Unity Innovative Award (1)

Unity Premium Goodies
Unity Premium Goodies

Final Nominees (approx. 10)

Cubism Editor PRO
Cubism Editor PRO

Live2D Goodies
Live2D Goodies

Participation Reward

Limited-time 20% discount coupon for Cubism Editor PRO (excluding Academic edition)
will be given (after the award period) to everyone who submitted a qualified work.

Learn Live2D Cubism with Book


"Official guide for
Live2D Cubism Modeling & Animation”

Entry-level instruction book for
creative process using Live2D Cubism.
Compatible with PRO and FREE version.
Sorry Japanese only :(

Price: \2,940 Amazon
Large size: 232 pages
Publisher: SB Creative

Available at

Seminar for Participants (now available on YouTube)

digital hollywood

Guides and tips for video making

“My first Live2D” @ Digital Hollywood

March 27th (THU) at 19:00
@ Digital Hollywood Tokyo

Seminar for the entry-level creators. Live2D Inc. in-house designer will demonstrate how to animate Live2D models and make videos. The seminar also covers techniques and tips for controlling Live2D models on Unity realtime with the Hatsune Miku model. The seminar video will be available later.

English coming soon

Seminar video

Sponsors and Partners


wacom CRYPTON Born Digital,Inc. Qtec graphinica

Media Partner



unity TOM SB Creative

Partner schools

digital hollywood 東洋美術学校


Entry Period:

March 27th (THU) - June 1st (SUN) 2014

Award Announcement:

Awards to be announced at Live2D Creative Conference in late June.

Call for Entry:

Create a video using Live2D Cubism, upload to YouTube, and fill out an entry form with the video URL.
* Participants are eligible for free access to Cubism Editor PRO (Submission is not a condition).

Categories of Entry:

1. Video: Any video containing a visual element created with Live2D Cubism Editor.
2. Interactive: Any video or capture video demonstrating an interactive content (game or app) made with Live2D Cubism SDK*.

* Use of Live2D Cubism can be partial. You are welcome to integrate it with other visual elements. See judging criteria.
* Refer to User Support page for using and learning Cubism Editor.
* To publish content made with Cubism SDK, you must submit this form.


- Indie creators of all age and all nations are welcome
- You may participate as a group, but not as a business entity
- You may register multiple videos

Judging Criteria:

- Work communicates the characteristic and potential of Live2D
- Work features attractive 2D graphics
- Work is excellent in overall quality


Takahiko Akiyama

Director and VFX supervisor. “Final Fantasy” (2001), “HINOKI” (2005), “Species 4” (2007), “SD Gundam Sangokuden” (2010))、“Kiki's Delivery Service” (2014). CEO of 4D Brain.

Yutaka Kagawa

Animation director. His work at Tatsunoko Production includes “O~i! Ryoma” (1992) and “Nontan” (2002-2006). Currently working on “Wonder Momo" at Graphinica.

Koichi Noguchi

Producer at TOEI ANIMATION. Previously worked at BOSS FILM STUDIO as a Digital Artist for for “Species” (1995) and “Air Force One” (1997). At TOEI ANIMATION, he has worked as a VFX supervisor for various projects including “Otoko-tachi no Yamato” (2005), “Hayabusa: Harukanaru kikan” (2012), “Bakumatsu Kokosei” (2014), and a producer for “Rakuen Tsuiho” (2014).

Takeshi Morisawa

Co-founder and Creative Director at Tokyo Otaku Mode, sharing Japanese creative works and entertainment with the rest of the world.

Tetsuya Nakajo

CEO of Live2D Inc. and the developer of Live2D technology. Dedicated to give the world an ultimate tool for those who love to draw and animate their drawing and for those who appreciate the authenticity of such art form

Miyuki Kunisada

Chief Designer at Live2D Inc., having led various projects including "Hibikidokei", "Barcode Kanojo", "Shizuku Talk", and "Wankosoba" with character design and modeling work.