Give Life to 2D

Research & Development with Live2D
- for lighting effect application -

Hideki Todo, Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

My research focuses on exploration of new lighting application methods while preserving the original animation and illustration styles. This session demonstrates the experimental lighting system and its real-time application to Live2D.

I made a dating sim with Live2D

uracon  Twitter

Introduction of the dating sim I made with Live2D. I will talk about why I chose Live2D, the kind of expressions Live2D enabled me to achieve, and impressions and pitfalls I experienced along the way.

Let’s make a novel game with Live2D

Rika Kamiyoshi  Twitter

Using my game as an example, I will be explaining how to make a novel game with TyranoScript mainly for those illustrators who can’t program with codes but may handle simple tags and scripts). It covers 1) preparation of Live2D models, 2) preparation for game development, and 3) controling game settings with scripts.

“Utage” the visual novel plugin for Unity now supports Live2D

Ryohei Tokimura  Twitter facebook

Despite the strong demand for using Live2D in visual novels, making a visual novel can require some complicated programming. “Utage” is a easy-to-use visual novel plug-in for Unity which you can use Excel for input. This session will explain how to use the plug-in with Live2D.

Animate + Lipsync Live2D using Adobe After Effects

Yuan-H  Instagram

In this opportunity I'm going to share how powerful Live2D plugin made for AfterEffects to animate live2D and combine with AfterEffects expressions for controlling it with ease. Using AfterEffects plugin such as motion sketch, expressions slider, audio extraction, etc... (Session in English)

Make a character interaction game with Live2D

Maxwell Peng  facebook

We introduce the “Million Quiz” Live2D characters for interaction game play here and story telling by Live 2D characters. It’s an indie production game. It’s made by Unity with Live2D + Spine animation production. The story is a fresh graduate “Wizard” and his younger female schoolmate “Meng”. They have an accidentally to jump to an ancient time village. It’s starting an adventure story to find the way come back to the home. To find the answer of love. (Session in English)

Coexistence and fusion of Hand-drawing, Live2D & 3D

SevenA  Twitter

This session features the promo video made in 2013 for BLOOD SUCKER, the web comic by TATSUBON, to propose the new expression where hand-drawing, Live2D, and Live2D can coexist without interfering one another.

Mobile game and Live2D

kutata  Twitter

We are Sinsiroad, an indie game circle from Korea. We came to know about Live2D when we were planning and struggling how we could make our game Potion Maker stand out from other existing games and have been using the software since the release of Cubism 2.0. In this session, we are going to share our thoughts on Live2D with our experiences .

Moving-highlight and its possibilities

Konabe Kurisaka  Twitter facebook

Showcasing my research and development of the ’moving highlight expression’ used in “AobaUnity-chan” and other works, along with experiment results after applying the moving highlight to various art styles.

Live2D × PhotonCloud × Unity

yoshimune  Twitter

I will be showing how to control Live2D animations on Unity and sync the animation (e.g. specific motions and mouse-controlled animation) with other Live2D characters real-time over cloud using PhotonCloud.