Give Life to 2D

Cubism Editor Workflow

Prepare original drawing

Every Live2D model is made from a static 2D character. The character needs to be separated in parts so that you can apply polygons on top to deform them. This preparation process can be processed automatically directly loading a Photoshop file.


Your character


Draw it in layers to make it easy to separate into parts

Make a model using Modeler

Once your character is prepared, use Live2D Cubism Modeler's powerful editing tools like Deformer to deform the character for different angles, emotions, and all the expressions you want it to have and Motion Parameter to register complex deformation. You can apply a template model to automatically transfer these expressions to your character.

Creation of model

Make animation with Animator

Once your character is modeled, import it into Live2D Cubism Animator. Simply control Parameters you set in Modeler to make smooth animation. You can even control the model on Adobe After Effects or make realistic hair movements by applying physics computation.

Creation of animation

Make movies, apps, and more!

Animation you made with Animator can be exported in a movie file, animated GIF, or image sequence. Also, you can export files to be used in app/game development and other applications.

You can use in various uses

Live2D Cubism

Cubism Editor


The gold standard in 2D modeling and animation. Turn your static 2D directly into an interactive / configurable model.

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A market place where creators can buy and sell rights of their original 2D assets, such as illustration and Live2D files.

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Live2D Model

SDK release license

Publication License may be required when releasing your application using Live2D SDK products.

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Live2D Live

Live2D Creative Studio

Our studio team will help you with every step of producing Live2D contents.

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