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Animate your drawn character

Drawing has been a simple yet magical tool that reflects the creative sense of artists. Just a few lines of a pencil or a pale coloring of a brush can express rich emotions or subtle charms. But in 3D computer graphics, such attractions are often warped or vanished in the process of forcible transformation into three-dimensional sculptures in a virtual space. Live2D helps artists create rich animations while keeping the original charms intact.

Artists and fans love authentic 2D

Many of the works being created using Live2D have their origins in traditional 2D wether it’s a visual novel or famous illustration. This demonstrates that 2D artists and fans value Live2D’s advantage in preserving the authenticity and rich graphics of the original 2D art rendered in modern applications.

線画状態のキャラクター画像 下矢印 キャラクターに着色した画像

Consistent quality across different media forms

Attractive characters are often featured across different media, but it is rare to see visual consistency when such characters originate in 2D but transformed in 3D. Live2D enables the original 2D art to be applied in various media forms with consistent quality.

Endless Applications.

To cover the growing need in interactive media, Live2D supports wide spectrum of applications and environments, such as mobile platforms (iOS, Android), game consoles (PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS), game engines (Unity, Cocos2d-x), and other real-time control systems like Live2D LIVE.

Live2D Cubism

Cubism Editor


The gold standard in 2D modeling and animation. Turn your static 2D directly into an interactive / configurable model.

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A market place where creators can buy and sell rights of their original 2D assets, such as illustration and Live2D files.

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Live2D Model

SDK release license

Publication License may be required when releasing your application using Live2D SDK products.

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Live2D Live

Live2D Creative Studio

Our studio team will help you with every step of producing Live2D contents.

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