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Dock or Undock Tools window

In Cubism Editor2.1 (Modeler & Animator), tool palettes can be independently docked and undocked. You can change the layout according to given tasks and data as you see fit.

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Intuitive User Interface

Floating Tool windows

Rotation deformer can now be controlled by entering specific values. It allows you to achieve symmetrical angles, precise scales, and consistency among different projects and members.

Detailed rotaion deformer

Intuitive User Interface

Numerical Control of Deformer

In the Parts Palette, you can easily switch lock / unlock and show / hide drawable object, instead of clicking each part, simply click and drag along multiple object. Making it much easier to visually see and work on right objects.

In order to visually organize the hierarchy of your scene, you can simply drag the object and drop in the target deformer inside Parts Palette without having to going back and forth with deformer panel.

Lock/Unlock ・  Hide/Unhide > click + drag

Organize hierarchy by drag & drop

Intuitive User Interface

Visually Organize Parts Palette

See feature in action

Seamless PSD Integration

Power of Clipping Mask

With Clipping Mask, you no longer need to prepare extra parts just for the sake of hiding specific areas, such as the eye-lid for blinking. You can mask visible areas using edges of naturally existing parts in PSD, making it easy to blink eyes, close the mouth, and control where shadows appear.

*Cubism SDK 2.1 is required for using Clipping Mask  in application (currently Unity only).

The old method for masking was to hide a target object with another object, causing extra work and an extra layer.

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Clipping Mask  Easy & Clean

No more hiding part

Seamless PSD Integration

Reposition Texture & Maintain Quality

In Cubism Modeler2.1, you can freely scale and position objects within the texture file generated from imported PSD. You can now fill in empty space in texture, rotate and re-position objects without worrying about quality being degraded. (* Texture generated from PNG still may degrade)

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Join / Split / Reposition Texture

Texture 2

Texture 1



Seamless PSD Integration

Modify and Update PSD Anytime

In Cubism Modeler 2.1, the link to the original PSD file remains intact even after being imported. This means that you can always modify and update the PSD file while preserving your work in Modeler. Save your time and work efficiently.

Now the polygons are mapped effeciently (without extreamly sharp angles) this means that your model can be deformed much more natural than before.

3. With Live2D Cubism Modeler, you can update the PSD with the added objects.

1. Prepare character that you want to add object to or change.

2. Edit the character or simply add object in editing software.

4. Live2D Cubism Modeler will automatically put the new object while preserving existing data. DONE!

See feature in action

Add more object or edit the model? No problem!

*Improve auto polygon mapping


Workflow Enhancement

Reset Modified Polygons

See feature in action

With a single click, you can reset polygons of drawable objects at any time rather than manually reversing to the original shape or mapping polygons from scratch. This makes it easy to redo and perfect your work by trial and error.

Deform your polygon as you want

In Cubism Modeler2.1, you can freely select and edit multiple polygon vertices within each drawable object. This enables greater and more subtle control by scaling, moving, and rotating specifically selected vertices.

Multiple Vertices + Transform box

Workflow Enhancement

Deform Selected Polygon Vertices

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Right-click menu now includes frequently used tools such as “Select drawable object”, which is very effective for selecting a right object from a stack of objects. “Lock/Unlock”, and “Show/Hide” can be accessed directly from quick menu.

Select Drawable Object

Lock/Unlock ・  Hide/Unhide

Workflow Enhancement

Quick Menu Improvement

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Live2D Cubism

9 Main Features of Live2D Cubism 2.1

Workflow Enhancement

Seamless PSD Intergration

Intuitive User Interface

"Let’s make your character

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Curve Deformer is now enhanced with its maximum number of divisions increased from 9x9 to 100x100.  This allows you to morph and sway objects more naturally and smoothly. Check out the tutorial video and a sample file to see how this powerful tool can help you! (Note: Number of deformer divisions increases computation load accordingly, particularly for real-time application.)

2.1 Special update

Smooth Deformer

Deformer max. division up to 100x100 → Smooth

Enhanced Deformer



Deformer max. division 9x9 → Jaggy



With new Cubism2.1, your magic tool for transforming your drawing into animation is now easier, more powerful and fun than ever, with 30+ features and improvements. This page explains 9 of the new features in 3 categories.

※ made using Live2D Cubism 2.1


Illustrated by KKUEM

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Live2D Cubism Editor2.1 with ton of new feature and make your illustration animate very smoothly with new feature seamless PSD integration and workflow improvement make creation progress more fun and gave a hi-quality result. Lets download this new version of Cubism start to make your character move,  visit our tutorial for learning step by step to understanding the progress, join our community, and also play with project file in library.

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