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Let's Try Live2D Cubism 3 Campaign is now live!

To celebrate the release of Live2D Cubism 3, we launch a "Let's Try Live2D Cubism 3 " campaign, in which participants have a chance to get Amazon gift cards regardless of your skills! All you need to do for entry in is to make a Live2D model with Cubism 3 then post it on Twitter with hashtag, or to write a blog about your feeling after using Cubism 3 and share the link on Twitter with the hashtag! Also, some special awards are prepared for excellent contents!

How to Enter

1. Download Cubism 3 at the product page. Manuals and tutorial videos are here. (Now available in Japanese only...mega sorry!) Live2D Cubismを使って動画を制作
2. Create gif or movie using Cubism 3 (no restriction about utilizing trial mode), or post a link of a article about Cubism 3 in your blog. YouTubeに動画を投稿
3. Post your contents on Twitter with hashtag "Try_Live2D_Cubism 3" during entry term! Make sure to follow Live2D official Twitter! 締め切り


Prize (5 winners / Random)

Everyone who posts his / her contents can be eligible regardless of the complexity of the model.

Amazon gift card equivalent to JPY 10,000 * Read FAQ about overseas participants.

Unique Award (2 winners / Judge)

Prize for contents regarded as very unique and original by Live2D Inc.

Amazon gift card equivalent to JPY 20,000

Informative Award (2 winners / Judge)

Prize for blog article or tutorial video about Cubism 3 regarded as informative and helpful by Live2D Inc.

Amazon gift card equivalent to JPY 20,000 * Read FAQ about overseas participants.

★★★ Grand Prix ★★★ (1 winner / Judge)

Prize for contents regarded as the most excellent contents by Live2D Inc.

Amazon gift card equivalent to JPY 30,000 * Read FAQ about overseas participants.


Entry Period

Post your contents on Twitter during the term between 0:00 June 17th 2017 and 24:00 June 19th 2017 (JST)

Three simple steps to enter:

1. Download! Download Live2D Cubism 3, with 42 days free trial of PRO version, on the product page. 2. Create your models! Create gif or movies featuring your model made by Cubism 3. Any contents are OK as far as they are not copyright content, unpermitted fanart, discriminatory contents and posts counter to Twitter's terms of service. Also, a blog article about your feeling about Cubism 3 can be submitted (3 different screen shots need to be contained). 3. Post on Twitter! Post gif, movies or link of blog article on Twitter with the hashtag "Try_Live2D_Cubism 3" during the term between 0:00 June 17th 2017 and 24:00 June 19th(JST).


No formal announcement will be made. Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter. - "Unique Award","Informative Award","Grand Prix" will be judged by Live2D staffs. The winners will be announced on Twitter with retweet of the winner's post. - Participants who don't follow Live2D official Twitter cannot be a winner because it is impossible for us to send direct messages on Twitter about the result. - The prizes are going to be shipped by the end of June 2017 - The contents regarded as inappropriate by Live2D Inc. won't be eligible. - Depending on the result of judge, no winner might be chosen on each award. - We won't answer any question about the result.

Download Cubism 3 Now!


Q1. Is there any restriction about entry? A1. No. Everyone can enter which ever the participants are professional or not. Q2. Can oversea participants get prize? A2. For non-Japan winner, Amazon Gift Card (email) can be selectable from Amazon in USA, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or UK). Value of Amazon Gift Card will be roughly equivalent to Japanese Yen but may be lower. Amazon Gift Card may by replaced with another comparable prize due to a technical/legal complication. Q3. Is it possible to submit multiple contents? A3. It's possible. However, regardless of number of submitted contents, you can win only 1 prizes. Q4. Is there any way to make gif without video editing or compositing software? A4. Cubism 3 has a function to render models' animation as gif. Please see this page for the details (Using Google translate is recommended). Q5. Does the Live2D model used in contents need to have a shape like human? A5. There is no restriction. We accepts any kind of model such as human, animal, figure and so on. Also, you can submit contents which contains illustrations you published before. However, if the contents are copyrighted content, unpermitted fanart, discriminatory content and post counter to Twitter' terms of service, the contents will be disqualified. Q6. Are there any manuals or tutorial videos? A6. You can refer to manuals and tutorial videos on the Live2D official web site (available only in Japanese). Also, you can ask for help at our Community. Q7. I cannot draw. Is it allowed to submit contents based on an illustration drawn by other artists? A7. You can submit contents based on other artists' illustration as far as you don't violate any intellectual property rights. Every content submitted by participant might be rejected if Live2D Inc. find it suspicious from a viewpoint of compliance with the intellectual property laws.* *If the entrant causes any dispute with a third party, the entrant will be held responsible to resolve such dispute. You fully indemnify Live2D Inc. against any claim made for such disputes. Q8. Can I submit contents made with Live2D official sample models? A8. As far as you agree the terms of use of the sample models, there is no restriction to use them for your contents. You can download them on the official site. Sample models for Cubism 2 can be imported into Cubism 3. Q9. What will happen if the participant post the contents out of submission terms? A9. The contents which are not posted during the term between June 17th 2017 0:00 and June 19th 2017 24:00 (JST) won't be eligible. However, if the contents posted out of the terms is posted again (not retweet) during the term, the contents will become eligible.