Give Life to 2D

New dimension of hand-drawings

3D expression of hand-drawings

Euclid Editor is a modeling software which enables you to deform and seamlessly combine multiple 2D illustrations (in PSD format) to render them for a 3D like expression with the original 2D art intact. An Euclid head can be integrated with a 3D body (in FBX format) in Unity, allowing you to take advantage of the 2D expression as well as existing workflow of 3D modeling for 3D games and VR applications.

Feel the life of hand-drawn character

Seeing a Euclid model in a VR application is an innovative experience. It gives players a new kind of sensation in which they feel the life of hand drawn character before their very own eyes.

Another evolution for Live2D

As compared with the existing fully 2D based Live2D Cubism, Live2D Euclid is another form of evolution for Live2D technology. Live2D Euclid is the world’s rst software of its kind that directly renders draw characters in 3D space.

Client Servicing

This screenshot shows a Live2D Euclid model controlled on Animator of Unity.

Live2D Inc. develops and provides the modeling software Euclid Editor as well as Euclid SDK for rendering Euclid models on development platforms realtime.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of services from modeling to app development.

Game Engine Support

VR Support

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