Give Life to 2D

『Realistic expressions impossible
with traditional animation.』

Boy Friend BETA

QualiArts, Inc.

All of our team members are super passionate about BF = Boy Friend BETA. Everyday, there are lively discussions going on about our characters. It’s not rare that an idea discussed during a break time turns into real game events and characters. That’s how endlessly we think about the characters and strongly care about them.

2 challenges for attractive characters.

Every scene using Live2D poses challenges. The first challenge is to express a character in motion. The second challenge is to deliver a kind of experience that exceeds players’ expectation with something new and surprising. As we create our game, we always think deeply about how to overcome these two challenges.
To achieve the best quality, we have adopted two methods so that our staff can focus solely on making a character look attractive. These are to prepare a detailed storyboard with specific instructions for motions and to separate an original illustration into as many layers as possible. These methods make our intention and objective clear in the early phase and therefore contribute to the overall quality.
We believe that the advantage of Live2D is for making detailed expressions in an intuitive way. We invest our time in preparation, so that the prepared assets are adequate for our animator to take the full advantage of the tool and realize animation precisely as he/she intended.

Realistic expressions impossible with traditional animation.

Before using Live2D, we had tried to communicate the attraction of the Boy Friends through static illustration. But we wanted our users to feel as if the Boy Friends are actually alive and right ‘there’. Live2D allows us to achieve that with realistic expressions that would be impossible with traditional animation, such as subtle hair swings and eye movements reacting to what’s being said by the character.

Hope for Live2D = Feel the Boy Friends even closer!

We wish we could make something like virtual Boy Friend or Tamagotchi with handsome boys, lol.