Give Life to 2D

Support Program for Educational Institutions
〜 Software lease program for teaching Live2D. 〜

We support educational institutions by leasing Cubism Editor PRO.
This support program is designed to assist next-generation creators in the game & motion picture industry. Applicant insitution must meet our terms and conditions to qualify.

Free access to Cubism Editor PRO

We lease Cubism Editor PRO for qualified educational institutions.
Educational institutions may use the software for its class, practice, or training purposes.

We have already offered more than one thousand free licenses.(※As of July,2016)

Eligible institutions and applicants.

Educational Institutions:University, Technical college, Junior college, High school and Professional school.
Applicants:Applicant must be an official representative of the institution.
Conditions:Applicant institution must offer a program which uses the term “Live2D” in its primary description, and the description must be publicly visible.

※Even if applicants meet the terms and conditions above, they may not be admitted as a precise institutions/applicants. For those matters Live2D Inc. approve by our discretion and calls the tune.

List of educational institutions we have supported

教育機関 学部/コース カリキュラム名称 学校URL
Kyoto institute of Design Comic and illustration course 『Special lesson for Live2D』 外部リンク
Tokyo Polytechnic University Interactive Media major in art department 『Interactive Media Exercise III』 外部リンク
Tokyo Design Technology Center --- 『2DCG』 外部リンク
Toyo Institute of Art and Design Illustration major 『Motion Design/Live2D』 外部リンク
Nippon Designer Academy of Fine Arts Graphic design major ..etc 『Special Lesson for Live2D』 外部リンク
Bunka Gakuen University Clothes department 『Possibility of pop culture approach in fashion design representation techniques』 外部リンク
Digital Hollywood University --- 『Live2D seminar』..etc 外部リンク
YAMANASHI Information Career College --- iOS training 外部リンク
Osaka Designers College CG・Game design major Live2D Basic・Live2D Advance・Live2D Production 外部リンク
Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts --- Animation Exercise 外部リンク
Japan Electronics College --- Extension course 外部リンク
Tokyo Net Wave General game major Game 2D Graphic 外部リンク
Nagoya Gakuin University --- project758 外部リンク
Vantan Design Institute Digital animation course --- 外部リンク
Human Academy Hiroshima Branch school --- 3DCG 外部リンク
Fukuoka Design Communication --- 2DCG Production 外部リンク
Yoyogi Animation academy Live2D curriculum development --- 外部リンク
Nihon Kogakuin Manga/Animation major Project work 外部リンク

Other supporting programs

  • Consultation

    We are strongly supporting the students and educational institutions who leads next generation of the industry. So that we would like to know what kind of cooperation or collaboration is necessary for you.

  • Holding seminars or workshops/Bringing up or dispatching a instructors

    First, if you would like to hold a one-off seminars and workshops, please contact us before formal introduction. Also we would be happy to support a training for your school instructors. Please take counsel us.

  • Providing software for Free

    If the software officially adopted as a teaching tool, we will provide Cubism Editor PRO for free.(It has to meet the terms and conditions)

  • Commercial use of the SDK and sample models also available at no charge

    The case which usually occur the license costs such as production using Cubism SDK and official sample model, we have a system that students and teachers are able to carry thorough production - development - distribution - sales workflow as a general creators.

  • Providing opportunities for work presentations and academic-industrial collaboration

    We hold "Live2D Creative Award" every year for creators. You put that event to good pratical use. Also it is available that our media to announce your graduation exhibition..etc. In addition, there are various possibilities of academic-industrial collaboration opportunity.

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