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Live2D Logo & Brand Usage Guidelines

Live2D Logo

We love our users, and we appreciate that you use our software for your creative projects. If you visited this page, it probably means that you have done something great with Live2D and want to use our logo to reference Live2D in your content. We give you freedom to use our logo in a proper way. Don’t worry. In order to prevent confusion and improper use, we have prepared these simple guidelines that help you understand how to use Live2D logo.

Download logo file [.eps & .png]

Please Do:

● use official logo downloaded form this page,
● ensure that there is sufficient clear space. [described in the picture below]

Please Don’t:

● use our logo outside these guidelines,
● modify, distort, outline, apply a different color or texture to any part of our logo.



If you have any question about these guidelines or use of Live2D trademarks, please contact us from the inquiry form.

Proprietary rights

Live2D and Live2D logo are registered trademarks of Live2D Inc.
All of our brand marks are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.
By using the “Live2D” marks you agree to follow the above guidelines. “Live2D Inc.” reserves the right to cancel, modify or change this policy at any time at its sole discretion.

The Live2D Name

● When referencing our technology and company, use “Live2D®” and “Live2D Inc.” respectively.
● When referencing our software products in a title or for the first time in your text, always accompany “Live2D” in front, such as “Live2D Cubism” and “Live2D Euclid”. Afterwards, you may refer to the products by their names alone, such as “Cubism SDK” or “Euclid Editor”.
● “Live2D ” is one word. Do not put a space like “Live 2D”
● To avoid confusion, do not use “Live2D” in the name of your company, website URL, application or product.